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Best Practices in Conversion Optimization

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Best practices barely work. Look beyond them.

Businesses are unique. Perhaps even more than fingerprints. They’re in different industries, competition, growth phases and each has a unique (hopefully) strategy.

But best practices?

In my understanding of best practices, they’re just ideas, among all others — nothing more.

For example, in conversion optimization, one of the best practices is to decrease the number of steps. I barely do that. Because the context is the key here, which is to minimize friction. Friction does not always end in steps. Sometimes it has to do with functionality, sometimes with speed, and sometimes with a lack of data at a particular point — and a lot more.

Sometimes you may need to add another step or make one mandatory to decrease friction — which we did in one of our tests and paid out massively.

Best practices might be helpful, but the key here is to look beyond them, and their reasons.

Happy analyzing!

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