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Why Google Analytics 4 Can’t Go Far?

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Sampling, even on “sources” report.

GA4 seems promising at the first sight, but it fails within just minutes.

Google Analytics brought many changes, not only in new features, but also in how you check, browse, and dig into data. I like the new interface, even though I’m pretty sure that it is much less user-friendly.

It is indeed one of the greatest upgrades of the entire product life cycle with some great features. Yet it’s still not complete, while the previous version “Universal Analytics” will be gone by 2023 (just four months!).

While GA4 initially sounded very promising, the moment you try to get your first report, you become disappointed.

There are so many issues out there — you won’t even be able to get a conversion rate, which you’ll have to build yourself. As I see it, the new GA falls short on several fronts:

  • New Interface — The product seems to be built with the intention of making everything more complex. In Settings, for example, you need to go through pages/layers and layers to find what you want.
  • Sampling — The standard reports got extremely limited, with no way to get a report on your source/campaign without sampling!
  • Metrics — Lots of complexity here — ecommerce purchases vs. transactions, item revenue vs. product revenue. If you get into them, you have to spend a lot of time distinguishing which metrics are which and which can be combined.
  • Incomplete — While the previous version will be gone in four months, we don’t have some essentials like product-scoped custom dimensions.
  • Google Data Studio — Lots of workarounds are still required for basic needs. When two products come from the same company, you would not expect this.

Yeah, GA “seems” to be going forward with a giant leap while the basics are broken. The thing is with broken basics, you can’t go far.

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